Smokable Hemp Story

Smokable hemp, also known as hemp flower or CBD flower is the product harvested from a hemp plant. Unlike its cousin, marijuana, hemp doesn’t contain high amounts of THC that lead to a “high” sensation or have psychoactive effects. It does however contain varying levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) which have the health benefits of reducing anxiety, depression, inflammation, and pain. Smoking pre-rolled hemp joints is also fast-acting and has an immediate effect compared to tictures and edibles.

The following story is of a first time user’s account of why she smoked hemp and its result.

Once upon a time, there was a young lady, Alexandria who had a 9 month old baby girl and a 3 year old toddler. Alexandria loved taking them to the river, walking them through the nature walks, and showing them yoga at the park while snacking on blueberries. 

silhouette of mother holding child on her knee with a sunset in the background

Everyday Alexandria devoted her life to being the best mother possible while leading her children toward a healthy, and happy lifestyle.

One day Alexandria started suffering from crippling migraine headaches, which she later learned runs in her family. Sometimes the headaches would be so bad she would lose her vision, her body would tremble and shake and could not even perform the most basic tasks for herself much less her sweet babies.

Because of that, she started a search for a holistic approach toward managing these life altering headaches. She discovered that CBD and Cannabis could help her deal with them. 

She decided to try the tinctures and edibles from a local CBD dispensary. She quickly took a tincture under her tongue during a migraine, but it didn’t provide relief until an hour or longer later. She reflected on her investment on the CBD products she bought and realized although it did help, she needed something immediate. Fast acting. She was at a loss for what she could do.

Emjayze hemp products on a leaf
above shot of woman smoking an Emjayze hemp joint
Emjayze hemp joint

Until finally she discovered Emjayze hemp pre-rolled CBD joints. She purchased a 5 pack and when her next migraine hit her at the park, she sparked the joint, took 3 good inhalations, and was mystified at how quickly the symptoms disappeared and how great she began to feel. Alexandria loved the fact that the packaging was made from sustainable hemp. She had found her answer.