Close up of a hand holding a hemp leaf

Here at Emjayze, we specialize in pre-roll joints because there’s something about smoking hemp flowers that tends to bring people together. We’ve yet to discover a method of consuming cannabis that effortlessly builds community and connection. Sparking and passing a joint is a sure fire way to bring out the cannabis consumers from all different backgrounds and lifestyles.

That’s one of the main reasons we chose to stay hyper focused on pre-rolls for the community and culture that is built and continues to be built every single day by people like you.

Emjayze hemp products on a leaf

Another motive is to #EndTheStigma around the joint; we believe that we should #NormalizeTheJoint in our society. In the past, a joint has been associated with the underground, black market marijuana, but with legal MJ and legal hemp that can be consumed in joint form; it’s time people stop giving funny looks when they see someone spark up a joint at a coffee shop or at the bar. 

We chose not to make cigarette looking smokables, because that would be us changing our cannabis culture to fit society’s view of what’s acceptable. We as a cannabis community should hold our ground, not be ashamed of smoking joints in public and allow society to accept our culture instead of expecting us to conform.

Emjayze pre-rolled hemp joint branding

Keep one rolled my friends. Share a pre-roll with a stranger while sparking a good conversation. Let’s keep building this cannabis community and culture together.

two women smoking hemp joints at an outside cafe
close up of hands holding a lighter and lighting an Emjayze CBD joint
Two hands passing an Emjayze CBD joint