We are Emjayze Hemp! Founded in November of 2018 in San Antonio we Texas we were the first Preroll brand and manufacturer to hit the market in Texas. But for us it’s not so much about CBD, we use the benefits and demand of consumable hemp to help us increase the demand and awareness of hemp paper, hemp plastic, hemp apparel and hemp packaging.

Everything we do is with the intention of supporting the rebirth of the American Industrial Hemp industry. All of our packaging is made from either hemp cardboard or hemp plastic even our business cards and printing paper are made using hemp paper!

Emjayze was founded by San Antonio native Amos Lozano and cofounder Michael Carter. Amos became inspired to start an industrial hemp company in 2011 after he discovered that cannabis is not illegal because marijuana is a dangerous drug, but because hemp is such a useful industrial crop that just about anything made from trees could be made from hemp, anything made from petroleum could be made from hemp and anything made from cotton could be made from hemp. After realizing there’s been a sustainable alternative to these raw materials and that America was literally built on the hemp industry, he decided one he would start a hemp company focused on industrial aspects of cannabis and came up with the brand name “Emjayze.” At the time he did not know what product he would be selling but he knew it would be made from industrial hemp raw materials. The name is a play on phonetics inspired by the cliche “Mary Janes” or abbreviation “MJ’s.” Amos’ creative mind (under the influence of THC) came up with the original brand name Emjayze knowing the Mary Janes name would be over used as the plant continued to transition into legality.

It wasn’t until late 2018 that Amos met Mike, who believed in the visions and invested $5,000 to launch the first product: Hemp CBD pre rolls packaged in Hemp paper board boxes. Something that had not been done before and he had the only Hemp packaging company in the US create him a custom hemp made slide box for this line.

When they visited the packaging manufacturing plant in Eugene Oregon the founder said, “You have the first Hemp paper slide box ever created in the world”

Since then Emjayze has been distributed through other CBD dispensaries throughout Texas and at local events. Now in 2021 we are expanding our offerings to be more aligned with the mission to include a variety of Hemp made lifestyle gear to give the real hempsters a place to buy and wear their cannabis while also supporting the up and coming industrial hemp industry.

We are excited to bring together a wide array of hemp made products all in one place that currently does not exist anywhere else online or in store.

Thank you for choosing hemp, Thank you for helping us rebirth the American hemp industry. There’s nothing more American than hemp! Hemp For Victory!